Sunday, December 28, 2008


I love this!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas!!:)


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I don't know what to think about this......

I was reading about Hugh Laurie last night,and I found out that he had a wife.And for a second there,I almost got jealous!Man,sometimes I can't believe;)Sorry,Hugh.........and Jo.

**God,I love his eyes**

Friday, December 5, 2008

Hello Freaking Kitty Hospital

Thank-you MK for making all the shrooms I ate in Highschool worthwhile:)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I hope you all have a great one:)Don't eat too much turkey!!:)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween/Fall/Random pics

Here's a mix of some pics that we've taken recently.....I love the diaper head;);)
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Right now,I am so proud of America.And I'm so happy that my son gets to grow up in this generation!!

Congratulations ,President Obama!!!!!!!!!!:)

Monday, October 20, 2008


Sorry it's been so long since I've posted.I've been super duper busy&spending a lot of time w/Isaac,because I was getting ready to start a new job.I started yesterday&holy crap it hard work!But I think after a while I will get used to doing this,well.......because this is something that I really want to do.I have always wanted to get into the medical field&I got a job working for a rehabilitation&care facility in my hometown!!I'm working as a N/A right now,and am working on getting my CNA in the process.I'm also taking a medical terminology course.Very exciting work!!I'm really going to miss being a SAHM,but I think in the long run it will be the best thing for me to do.I want to be a professional.....and I want my booger butt to be able to look up to me:)

After I get my certification,I going to work on getting my pre reqs out of the way&applying to the nursing program.I'm almost positive that I will have to take some math refresher courses,

Busy,busy,busy......but totally worth it in the long run:)

I'm gonna really make an effort to update more&let yall know how I'm doing with my bizz:):)As well as posting more pics of Isaac!!!By the way,he's doing a matter of fact I will be sure to post some pics of him in his halloween costume....he's going to be a tiny times!

So that's my update for today.I will catch up with ya'll later!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator

Lolz!!!!My name is:

Commando Coalfire Palin

Baby name generator:)


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Who's in charge of your body?

If you are ladies,then you need to read this,fill out&send in!


No words needed

Thanks to fuck it I'm starting a blog:)

Monday, September 15, 2008


So I am pretty sure most of you know that I'm not really a hipster/artistic type person....but deep down inside I really appreciate that type of person.

And I think you should check out pan-dan(blog) .....because it is super cool.I love checking it from time to time.

GO CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Okay,Sarah Palin makes good fodder.But that's it.

See more Gina Gershon videos at Funny or Die

Thanks MK at Dlisted:)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's a Girl!!

Daniella Josephine-Leigh Jackson,born on Friday,September 5th 2008.3Lbs 13Oz,and 17"long.
She is beautiful:)

Monday, September 8, 2008

It's Britney,bitch!!And she's back!!

Just a quick post.First off,I'm not a super big fan of Britney Spears' music,but I am however, a very big fan of the human spirit......and with everything this girl has gone through,it seems as though she has battled her demons full force.I'm sure she has a long way to go still,but she handled herself well&dare I say she was looking WAY more like her old self.

Cangrats Brit Brit!!!!!Keep uo the good work:)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A lion named Christian

My favoritest bloggy blog friend Jax said... had this you tube posted the other day&I wanted to share it with my 4;)

Please enjoy&be sure to keepa box of kleenex near by.You will need it.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thanks for breaking it down for us

Now,I am not a great political mind or anything,but this post on Perez Hiltons' blog got my attention.And further pushes me toward Obama for President.

Please enjoy:)


Looks like the lipstick wearing pit bull proved herself to be just like the typical politico types she slammed!

She's a liar and exaggerator!

The Associated Press closely watched Governor Sarah Palin, the GOP's VP pick, at last night's RNC convention and has outlined the many ways she exaggerated and lied.

Right or Left, a lie is a lie. It doesn't matter where on the political spectrum you are, right?

These are not 'personal' digs, mind you.

She's lying on the 'professional' stage, y'all.

Check out Pinocchio Palin's claims and the truth:

PALIN: "I have protected the taxpayers by vetoing wasteful spending … and championed reform to end the abuses of earmark spending by Congress. I told the Congress 'thanks but no thanks' for that Bridge to Nowhere."

THE FACTS: As mayor of Wasilla, Palin hired a lobbyist and traveled to Washington annually to support earmarks for the town totaling $27 million. In her two years as governor, Alaska has requested nearly $750 million in special federal spending, by far the largest per-capita request in the nation. While Palin notes she rejected plans to build a $398 million bridge from Ketchikan to an island with 50 residents and an airport, that opposition came only after the plan was ridiculed nationally as a "bridge to nowhere."

PALIN: "There is much to like and admire about our opponent. But listening to him speak, it's easy to forget that this is a man who has authored two memoirs but not a single major law or reform — not even in the state senate."

THE FACTS: Compared to McCain and his two decades in the Senate, Obama does have a more meager record. But he has worked with Republicans to pass legislation that expanded efforts to intercept illegal shipments of weapons of mass destruction and to help destroy conventional weapons stockpiles. The legislation became law last year. To demean that accomplishment would be to also demean the work of Republican Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana, a respected foreign policy voice in the Senate. In Illinois, he was the leader on two big, contentious measures in Illinois: studying racial profiling by police and requiring recordings of interrogations in potential death penalty cases. He also successfully co-sponsored major ethics reform legislation.

PALIN: "The Democratic nominee for president supports plans to raise income taxes, raise payroll taxes, raise investment income taxes, raise the death tax, raise business taxes, and increase the tax burden on the American people by hundreds of billions of dollars."

THE FACTS: The Tax Policy Center, a think tank run jointly by the Brookings Institution and the Urban Institute, concluded that Obama's plan would increase after-tax income for middle-income taxpayers by about 5 percent by 2012, or nearly $2,200 annually. McCain's plan, which cuts taxes across all income levels, would raise after tax-income for middle-income taxpayers by 3 percent, the center concluded.

Obama would provide $80 billion in tax breaks, mainly for poor workers and the elderly, including tripling the Earned Income Tax Credit for minimum-wage workers and higher credits for larger families.

He also would raise income taxes, capital gains and dividend taxes on the wealthiest. He would raise payroll taxes on taxpayers with incomes above $250,000, and he would raise corporate taxes. Small businesses that make more than $250,000 a year would see taxes rise.

The AP report also showed how Palin's champions have exaggerated the Alaskan governor's 'acheivements':

MCCAIN: "She's been governor of our largest state, in charge of 20 percent of America's energy supply … She's responsible for 20 percent of the nation's energy supply. I'm entertained by the comparison and I hope we can keep making that comparison that running a political campaign is somehow comparable to being the executive of the largest state in America," he said in an interview with ABC News' Charles Gibson.

THE FACTS: McCain's phrasing exaggerates both claims. Palin is governor of a state that ranks second nationally in crude oil production, but she's no more "responsible" for that resource than President Bush was when he was governor of Texas, another oil-producing state. In fact, her primary power is the ability to tax oil, which she did in concert with the Alaska Legislature. And where Alaska is the largest state in America, McCain could as easily have called it the 47th largest state — by population.

MCCAIN: "She's the commander of the Alaska National Guard. … She has been in charge, and she has had national security as one of her primary responsibilities," he said on ABC.

THE FACTS: While governors are in charge of their state guard units, that authority ends whenever those units are called to actual military service. When guard units are deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, for example, they assume those duties under "federal status," which means they report to the Defense Department, not their governors. Alaska's national guard units have a total of about 4,200 personnel, among the smallest of state guard organizations.

FORMER ARKANSAS GOV. MIKE HUCKABEE: Palin "got more votes running for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska than Joe Biden got running for president of the United States."

THE FACTS: A whopper. Palin got 616 votes in the 1996 mayor's election, and got 909 in her 1999 re-election race, for a total of 1,525. Biden dropped out of the race after the Iowa caucuses, but he still got 76,165 votes in 23 states and the District of Columbia where he was on the ballot during the 2008 presidential primaries.

FORMER MASSACHUSETTS GOV. MITT ROMNEY: "We need change, all right — change from a liberal Washington to a conservative Washington! We have a prescription for every American who wants change in Washington — throw out the big-government liberals, and elect John McCain and Sarah Palin."

THE FACTS: A Back-to-the-Future moment. George W. Bush, a conservative Republican, has been president for nearly eight years. And until last year, Republicans controlled Congress. Only since January 2007 have Democrats have been in charge of the House and Senate.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pretty pictures

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Hey!I hope everybody had a great Labor Day Weekend!We did.We went to Lake Courdealane&had alot of fun.Isaac got to hand out with his cousins&he really liked that.As a matter of fact,I can see it in his face right now he misses his cousins already:(I hope we get to make it over there again soon.

Anyways,these are some pics from on our way home.The bird houses are along the side of the road in between Princeton&Potlatch&I thought they'd make a cool picture....and they did!!I'm so happy with how they turned out!

Then we stopped at a playground behind an elementary school in Potlatch...and went down the slide like a hundred;)Isaac loved that!! Again,I really hope everybody had a great Labor Day Weekend!!I know we did!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday


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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Let'sTry Wordless Wednesday...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sweet Girly Stuff Contest!!!

Lori Murphy over at Jewllori is having a super summertime girly contest....and she asks that you post a pic of your purse&what you have in it.I Don't have anything too great up in my purse....just the essentials.Hand sanitizer(mostly for,lipstick,mascara,a wallet,a celly,GNC's 3 in 1's,cuticle oil and some aleve.(God knows I need that also have a handful of change in there,too..just didn't feel like digging it out;)Also,sometimes I keep my camera in there...but I was using it to take the pic of my purse&contents;)That would be why it was MIA...hehe:)

And there you have it.So go have some fun&enter the contest for yourself!!!!!:)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th:)

Have a great 4th of July!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Did you know?....

Did you know that water&wood do not mix?Yes,it's true.I never really realized what a (excuse the lang)BITCH hard wood floors can be.Pretty,yes.clean up super easy.....and swiffer wet jets are so flippin'cool.

However,water under hard wood floors is not a super cool thing.

Our AC wasn't tilted back right, so the thing apparently froze&melted,and the water drained right down our effing wall and under our pretty solid oak effing floor....

Thank God for homeowners.

Now if only sleeping beauty would get up....

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Have a great weekend:)

We are going to be hanging out with some of Aarons' family this weekend,so I won't be posting least until Monday~so I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

**by the way~the Southpark pic represents us having a super good!:)**

Friday, June 27, 2008

Haha......thought this was funny:)

Apparently John McC stole Obamas' campaign design or some crap.....and then someone came up with this funny....and funny it is:)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

bloggers' Block

I have the strong urge to write about something.....anything.And I can't think of nuthin'.This is the perfect time to,too!Isaac is sleeping, it isn't(too)late,and I refuse to do the 3 dishes that are in the sink right now........they can wait till morning:)

I could watch VH1s -I love the new millennium-......but I'm not ready to go to bed yet,lolz!

Hey,I know.....Isaac got some new clothes today from GammyL&GammpyD!!So cute:)GammyL got him 3 shirts&a pair of shorts......and GammpyD got him 2 tanks&a pair of shorts:)Good thing,too 'cause he needed some new summer clothes:)

Mmmkay...that's all I got...hopefully I will come up with something good to blog about this weekend:)


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Attack of the "bug"

So,we all have been hit with the "bug"so for except for Isaac.I hope to high heaven that he doesn't get it.

Aaron came down sick yesterday.....and yes people he actually called into work.With him it would almost take a natural disaster for him to call in sick.So I figure he must have been feeling about as bad as I did.Pepto bismol,check!!I made sure he has plenty.

Please send good thoughts his way&hope that Isaac doesn't get it,too:):)

Sunday, June 22, 2008


The boys really had a great time at the circus....plenty of junk food,and entertainment.However they said that it was hotter that CRAP during the whole thing.So I would have most definitely been miserable if I even attempted to go,lol:)Aaron&Isaac recruited my step dad,Bill though.They all had a blast!!

Don't mind the collage.....I sort of doubled up on some of the pics that are in it....umm...more than usual,lol:)

**Click on collage to see a bigger version**

Friday, June 20, 2008

Have to miss the circus;(

I am so bummed.I was supposed to go to the Shriners circus with Aaron&Isaac this evening,but I can't now because I came down with some gastric/intestinal BS:((or food poisoning not sure which)

So I am going to be taking it easy this evening&wish that I was there.

I sent Aaron with the camera,so I will post some pictures probably tomorrow sometime....

Now I must lay on the couch&flip through the channels:(

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New pics....

They actually turned out better than I thought they would.I only had to touch them up a little bit!!:)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Time to get back on the wagon

You ask who this hot bikini babe is?Why it is me!!About 29 years ago:)

Time to get back on the wagon.Exercise wagon that is.I started going to the gym about a month and a half before I started my classes&after I started them,the gym was put on the back burner.I have a hard time using my hours in the day wisely,you something had to go.And now I have to start from square 1.But that is okay:)

Boy is it going to be a long hard road.I have really let myself go over the years&about the last three and a half of them,it has really started to show.....and just recently in my health.Good Lord what have I done to myself?Aghh.....I will get back to the old me eventually:)

I used to be skinny.Not too skinny though...more healthy.Even though it would probably show overweight on a BMI chart most comfortable weight was 140.I wasn't starving & I looked good.And I must say that I looked pretty darn good in a pair of Levis'.Now if I want a good pair of jeans I have to shop in the fat section at the Fashion Bug,or go to Spookyloo to shop in the fat section at the Maurices in the valley mall.

Now I am not being hard on myself.I am stating the facts.Pure and simple.

And I have to say that my hot Levis' aren't the only reason I want to lose the LBS.Eventually I want to have another baby so Isaac can have a little brother or sister.It wouldn't be good for me or the baby if I was to get preggo now.When I got pregnant with Isaac,I ended up with gestational diabetes.So if I was to have another baby now,I would probably end up being insulin dependent this time around & I really don't think that would be good for the little guy(or girl,or even me for that matter.

Also I am not getting any younger....I figure I probably have a good 3 years to get the weight off.(and hopefully be able to get pregnant again;))

So while I am shedding my weight,we can start looking for a bigger!!)

Please wish me luck& alot of willpower&motivation...I am gonna need it:)

Now let me leave you with a picture of me when I was 20.(yes thst really is

Aww...I make a poopy 1930's wife...


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

How do you rate?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fathers Day 2008


I hope everyone had a great Fathers day!!
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

I need more cookies!!!

Dear Lord I hope this woman is just joking around.I mean....I love my cookies too....but oh man!!

On that note,does anybody have some nutter butters?

Friday, June 13, 2008


These foolios really think that people are going to fall for this crap now-a- days????I kink of feel bad for them,really...............

This is an email I opened up this morning....

Attn: Winner

Your email address as indicated was drawn and attached to ticket number 001768432463 with serial numbers FTS/8070337201/06 and drew the lucky numbers 15-22-24-48-50-37(30) which subsequently won you 1,000,000.00 (One Million Great Britain Pounds).The

drawsregistered as Draw number one was conducted in Brockley, London United Kingdom on the 10th june 2008.

I am happy to inform you,that your Original Certificate,a winning gold medal and your Certified bank cheque has been fowarded to the courier company.

Find below the details of the courier company and contact them with the following details for verifications:


NAME: Pastor Morgan Williams (dispatch officer)
PHONE NUMBER : +44-704-57-89429

Note: you are to Quote your complete names, winning amount and your
direct phone number so that they canhonour your letter.Once again i say congratulations and also wish to inform you that the

LIVE COURIER DELIVERY SERVICES is a reputable company with rules and regulations which must be adhere to.Please note that you are to take charge of the courier cost for delivery.

Mr.George Simmons
Samsung Promo Agent


Reminiscing a little today

Just a quick post....since I am staying up late again tonight.I was at my Dads' earlier today,and I found these pictures over there.My dad has tons of pictures,and almost every time I am over there I go through them.But as I was looking at them today, it really dawned on me how BIG Isaac is getting.He's walking now and on the verge of running(he tries really hard to run),trying to talk.....he will do certain things now if I ask him to,so that tells me that he is understanding me talking to him......

I remember looking at him when he was this old and thinking to myself.....I wonder when he's going to start walking?,or....I wonder when we are going to be able to communicate with each other?

And I can't believe it is now!Right now!The time has gone by so fast......and sometimes, especially at moments like this....I wish I could just make the time slow down.If not just for a little bit.

My little bubby is turning into my big boy.

I love you so much,sweetie:)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tiny Fish and a tiny Pony.....

**Image from**

O.k,so last night I got to bed sort of late,and I had a real strange dream.I don't remember the whole thing,but I remember that there were tiny,colorful fish all over the ground....and there was a tiny pony hanging around in my dream,too.

Any thoughts???

And no, I didn't have pepperoni pizza before bed,

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh boy doesn't like cinnamon toast!

Yes,my son gets his excellent taste in food from yours truly.There is something about rainy days and cinnamon toast that just goes together.Don't you agree?

And no worries,I don't dose my Isaac with refined sugar every;)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Our Fabulous Transformed Tub!!!!

I am so happy with our resurfaced tub!!It looks so pretty&shiny....and if you listen very closely,it will whisper your name, and tell you that you need to take a bubblebath:)

And the lady who gets the job done,is a genuinely friendly,and professional person.Those people don't come along too often:)

Anybody who lives near where I do ,or where she does,I totally recommend her to you for a great resurfacing job!!I already got three people wanting her to check out their tubs&sinks!!

If you want more info about what all resurfacing entails...drop me a comment,or email me at