Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Time to get back on the wagon

You ask who this hot bikini babe is?Why it is me!!About 29 years ago:)

Time to get back on the wagon.Exercise wagon that is.I started going to the gym about a month and a half before I started my classes&after I started them,the gym was put on the back burner.I have a hard time using my hours in the day wisely,you something had to go.And now I have to start from square 1.But that is okay:)

Boy is it going to be a long hard road.I have really let myself go over the years&about the last three and a half of them,it has really started to show.....and just recently in my health.Good Lord what have I done to myself?Aghh.....I will get back to the old me eventually:)

I used to be skinny.Not too skinny though...more healthy.Even though it would probably show overweight on a BMI chart most comfortable weight was 140.I wasn't starving & I looked good.And I must say that I looked pretty darn good in a pair of Levis'.Now if I want a good pair of jeans I have to shop in the fat section at the Fashion Bug,or go to Spookyloo to shop in the fat section at the Maurices in the valley mall.

Now I am not being hard on myself.I am stating the facts.Pure and simple.

And I have to say that my hot Levis' aren't the only reason I want to lose the LBS.Eventually I want to have another baby so Isaac can have a little brother or sister.It wouldn't be good for me or the baby if I was to get preggo now.When I got pregnant with Isaac,I ended up with gestational diabetes.So if I was to have another baby now,I would probably end up being insulin dependent this time around & I really don't think that would be good for the little guy(or girl,or even me for that matter.

Also I am not getting any younger....I figure I probably have a good 3 years to get the weight off.(and hopefully be able to get pregnant again;))

So while I am shedding my weight,we can start looking for a bigger!!)

Please wish me luck& alot of willpower&motivation...I am gonna need it:)

Now let me leave you with a picture of me when I was 20.(yes thst really is


Cathy said...

Oh, how adorable! Look at her! So cute!

Don't you just love little girls? Made me think how I was that age? :)

anniemcq said...

Oh, sweetie, I sympathize. After I saw our pictures of our visit I realized why I like to be BEHIND the camera more than in front of it! I recently started following Weight Watchers again, but not going to meetings. And this weekend I seriously fell off the wagon, but I'm back on again. We could check in with each other weekly to stay on track - it helps to stay accountable. I'm glad you are doing this for the right reason - for you and your health. When I eat crappy, my brain goes, my energy goes, my emotional well-being goes... Sending you lots of positive energy and support. I love you!

jax said...

good luck..i too am on the wagon huffin and puffin to 140.

you look great at all sizes!