Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sweet Girly Stuff Contest!!!

Lori Murphy over at Jewllori is having a super summertime girly contest....and she asks that you post a pic of your purse&what you have in it.I Don't have anything too great up in my purse....just the essentials.Hand sanitizer(mostly for,lipstick,mascara,a wallet,a celly,GNC's 3 in 1's,cuticle oil and some aleve.(God knows I need that also have a handful of change in there,too..just didn't feel like digging it out;)Also,sometimes I keep my camera in there...but I was using it to take the pic of my purse&contents;)That would be why it was MIA...hehe:)

And there you have it.So go have some fun&enter the contest for yourself!!!!!:)


Jewllori by Lori said...

Awesome Amber, thanks for entering! Your purse looks hot in(I just see the corner there!) GOOD LUCK TO YOU!

Jewllori by Lori said...

It does look awesome!! Love it! I go through my purses so fast, they never need a drycelaner! haha!

Elizabeth said...

i'll have to check out that contest! i love girly stuff. :-) ...oh, and i love my purse!

thanks so much for stopping by my place and your sweet words. you are truly an encouragement to me. :-) kindred, elizabeth