Friday, May 30, 2008

Messing up the house Master!!

Isaac is truly perfecting the art of being a messy .He is
most definitely all boy.

I get my haid did today @2:00!!!!WOO HOO!!!

Hey!Why am I bolggin'!!I should be looking at new hair do's;)
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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Phew!!!I finally got my collage done and ready to post!Last weekend was so much fun.My Aunt Jan,Aunt Annie&my cousin Joe Henry made it over here to visit for Memorial Day weekend.It was so much fun to see them:)Isaac absolutely loves Joe Henry.I really,really
hope they make it over here this summer too.(or visa versa)

And in other news, I am almost done with my classes!!Actually that is what I'm supposed to be doing now,however I had the need to get this posted:)After this I will proceed with!

Also,tomorrow I am going to get a new hair do!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!I have been looking a bit frumpy as of late,and that gets a little depressing.A good eyebrow wax will be nice, will try to post pics of the no 'do tomorrow!
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Sunday, May 25, 2008

What a lovely Sunday

It is so pretty today!Pretty enough to pull weeds&mow the lawn:)And really,that is what I'm doing.....I just had to take a quick break and say hi!!So,hi:)

I found this you tube on pandan&thought it was pretty cool,and thought I would share:)

Happy Memorial day weekend!:)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

How many ways can you say it's gonna rain?

This is how many.
(click on pic to enlarge)

My little Rambo:)

I though these were cute,so I just had to post them!!!

Did you miss me?

Sorry I haven't posted in a while...things have been sort of hectic,what with Isaac being sick&getting caught up on my classes,having a lady coming over to give us an estimate on our tub getting up the house,and then of course Isaac feeling better and deciding to get in trouble .Which I am sure is attributed to the fact that he missed out on so much trouble while he wasn't feeling!! Naturally bloggin' took a back seat:)

but I am so glad he is feeling better. And I am so thankful that his fever and getting really sick once is the only thing he came down with after the vaccine.I don't know how he would have handled actual pocks. My guess is it would have drove him batty(or maybe just me?)

And I am so excited to get our tub resurfaced!!Right now our tub looks so bad.So bad infact that I wouldn't dare to post a pic of it.However, I will once it is done.We,at first toyed with the idea of just installing a new tub.But that is a major remodel,and honestly something that we can't really afford right now...because of the fact that I am not working.I am so glad my mom told me about the lady that does the resurfacing!! New tub effect at a fraction of the cost...350.00 is what it's gonna cost to get this done.And it comes with a 5 year warranty!!We have to take that cats to a kennel,and go stay with family for 3 days after she does it because of all the chemicals....but I honestly feel it will be well worth it!!I'm so EXCITED!!!Yay:):)

In other exciting news, I am almost done with my classes!!2 more lessons,and 3 finals due by June 6th!!Then I am all done:)*at least until Sept/Oct.*

That's all I got right now!!You all better have an AWESOME day!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yay,Sadie &Lindsay!!!(and another story too)

Yep,these two awsome chickadees graduated from LCSC today!!

Sadie graduated with a bachelors of science~Buisness Administration,

And Lindsay,with a bachelors in Education~Elementary Education,and a minor in Reading.

Way to go:)

We really did have a good time at the ceremony.Isaac made friends with a nice lady who was sitting behind us,and I only had to leave the stands to change him it or not,this was the most relaxed part of the day despite the crowded stands,and the stuffiness of the auditorium.

The day actually started out pretty good, even though Isaac&I had to get up extra early for his 15 month check up.I was totally looking forward to him not having to have a vaccination.....then the nurse suggested that we go ahead and have him get his Chicken Pox Vaccine.I really didn't think much of it, seeing that Isaac never really had problems with other ones he has gotten before.Boy was I wrong!

After we got home I made Isaac breakfast(early lunch).Now,Usually he (especially as of late) does pretty good with breakfast.......eats some,throws a little,eats some more ,throws some more...yadda yadda yadda......But today was different.He wanted nothing to do with it......and I also noticed that he felt a little warm.(I actually thought he felt a little warm when we got up too, but that is besides the point) He was playing normal though,so I thought maybe he was just having an off day.

So fast forward to the middle of the day........he still did not want to really eat anything except for garam crackers,and drink juice....and he still felt a little warm.

Now fast forward a little more to about the time Aaron,Isaac&I left for the Graduation.I told Aaron that I didn't think Isaac was feeling very good.And I told him again during the graduation.Then after it was over,we were invited to go to dinner with Aarons mom and stepdad.I told Aaron I didn't think we should go....but he insisted.

So we went ,and then when we got there,( and this probably seemed kind of rude if you didn't know what I was thinking) right in front of everybody I turned to Aaron&said again that I didn't think we should have came,and asked him if we could go,and of course he said no.So we got us some chairs and sat down.Aarons mom wanted to hold Isaac....and as I was looking at him in her lap, I thought he didn't look too good...and at about exactly the same time that we got out drinks, Isaac BARFED all over Martie.I felt so flipping horrible for that....and I felt just sick to my stomach that we didn't just take Isaac home so he could rest.I really felt like the worst mommy ever!

And that is why I am up so late.I called the on call DR not too long ago(@midnight) to ask him what he thought was going on,and to tell him that I just took his Temp, and that it was 100.6. He was pretty positive this was from the vaccine....even though Isaac did feel warm this morning.

So needless to say,Isaac is going to be taking it easy tomorrow( so he can get back to being my healthy little man.

And one more thing......I think Aaron learned that he should listen to me more when it come to least I hope!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm Special.....

Don't ask me how I embed 3 You Tubes on my previous post.....cause....well,I don't know:)

Friday Morning Crazies....

Good Morning:)

Had to get up extra early today,because Isaac has a Drs' APPT.@9:00.....and I ran across this on Dlisted:)

It is just crazy enough to make me laugh this morning......


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Latarian has struck again....

Yes,the 7 year old boy who stole Grammys SUV is at it again.

I guess hoodrat stuff just isn't good enough.He had to beat down Grandma at wal mart,because she wouldn't buy him chicken wings.Yes Chicken wings.

Apparently this boy is being held on a 72 HR mental health hold.

Link here

No need to say anything more.


Just want to say.......I don't think I will either,

A.Never order anything from again,or

B.Never use this prepaid Visa again.....

I mean,man!!All I wanted was my shampoo&conditioner:(

O.K,I am good now!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mothers Day Weekend

Mothers Day weekend was so much fun!!We went to the Demo Derby saturday night&then we went to IHOP for breakfast Sunday with Mom&Bill.Isaac made me **:)**two Mothers Day cards.....I got roses,a Visa to get some Aveda stuff online,a gift certificate to get my hair,eyebrows,and nails did....(Momma REALLY needs a new 'do STAT!!), a half case of redbull&some smelly goods too!!

I feel like I don't deserve all of that,but I feel so blessed&lucky that the people I love think I do, and maybe I am being a good mommy:)

I just don't know how I survived before I got to be one......But I am now.......and I am so thankful for that everyday.

So to all of the Mommas' out there,I hope you had the bestest Mothers Day weekend EVER!!!!!

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It's a Boy!!!!!!

Congratulations,Betsy and Mitch!!!!!

Baby Grady was born 5/12/2008


20 1/2 inches!!!!

Let the good times roll:)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


We went and had fun at the park yet again today.After we got done @the park,Isaac past out for nearly 3!!

So since I had that much down time,I got to watch Michael Clayton W/ Dad&Uncle Jim:)

Awesome movie!!

And Anthony Michael Halls' doppelganger is in!!!I would have bet my life that Terry Sepico was him.Seriously!

Eating like a big boy

Today was the first day EVER that Isaac ate like a big boy!!He didn't throw his food on the floor and he used his fork!!!!

So Cool!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My surgery June 2007

Seeing Heather's pics of her surgery took me back to June of 2007 when I had mine.It was very painful,and recovery totally sucked now that I look back on it.....but I survived,as will you,Hun!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Renaissance Fair

(Pardon the dopey layout of the pics)

Aaron,Isaac&I went to the Renaissance Fair today in Moscow,and had tons of fun!!

As you can see,Isaac got a dinasour on his cheek,Mommy got a henna tat&what you can't see is Daddy got some steak rub.

The weather was perfect& there were quite a few hippy dippys to make the atmosphere fun!!( if you don't already know,me loves the hippy dippys)

All in all great day!!!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Most Brilliant Thing I have Heard EVER

Seriously.........this is some deep shizznit.....

"If you are going to talk to yourself,you don't need to do it out loud"

Deep thinkers' name withheld:)

Finding Treasure

So on Tuesday,Isaac pooped his penny out.If you can't tell by the picture,it is a 1977 copper penny.

Did you know that after 1982,they started making pennies almost entirely out of zinc?The only reason I know this, is because I was getting a little paranoid about Isaac not having pooped his penny out yet,so I did the dumbest thing ever......I googled the subject.

Yeaaaaah.....if you swallow a penny made after 1982,the zinc in the penny will have a chemical reaction to the acids in your stomach and it will become all jagged,threatening tears in the stomach lining.Seriously!I did not need to know that.....DO NOT google stuff that you know you will hate yourself for later...

But I digress......

All is well with my little piggy bank,and I will do my best at keeping the spare change away from him:)