Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Phew!!!I finally got my collage done and ready to post!Last weekend was so much fun.My Aunt Jan,Aunt Annie&my cousin Joe Henry made it over here to visit for Memorial Day weekend.It was so much fun to see them:)Isaac absolutely loves Joe Henry.I really,really
hope they make it over here this summer too.(or visa versa)

And in other news, I am almost done with my classes!!Actually that is what I'm supposed to be doing now,however I had the need to get this posted:)After this I will proceed with!

Also,tomorrow I am going to get a new hair do!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!I have been looking a bit frumpy as of late,and that gets a little depressing.A good eyebrow wax will be nice, will try to post pics of the no 'do tomorrow!
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anniemcq said...

ooooh YAY! I love the collage, and I LOVE that pic of Isaac at the swing - that is so beautifully shot! I don't particularly love how old and chubby I look in all the photos, but as Charley's grandpa used to say "The camera only takes what it sees!"

Can't wait to see your new do! I need a new one myself in the worst way.... Love you sweetie. To bits and pieces. Kiss that sweet boy of yours!

anniemcq said...

PS: Joe-Henry LOVES his cousin Isaac right back. Smooches!