Thursday, May 22, 2008

Did you miss me?

Sorry I haven't posted in a while...things have been sort of hectic,what with Isaac being sick&getting caught up on my classes,having a lady coming over to give us an estimate on our tub getting up the house,and then of course Isaac feeling better and deciding to get in trouble .Which I am sure is attributed to the fact that he missed out on so much trouble while he wasn't feeling!! Naturally bloggin' took a back seat:)

but I am so glad he is feeling better. And I am so thankful that his fever and getting really sick once is the only thing he came down with after the vaccine.I don't know how he would have handled actual pocks. My guess is it would have drove him batty(or maybe just me?)

And I am so excited to get our tub resurfaced!!Right now our tub looks so bad.So bad infact that I wouldn't dare to post a pic of it.However, I will once it is done.We,at first toyed with the idea of just installing a new tub.But that is a major remodel,and honestly something that we can't really afford right now...because of the fact that I am not working.I am so glad my mom told me about the lady that does the resurfacing!! New tub effect at a fraction of the cost...350.00 is what it's gonna cost to get this done.And it comes with a 5 year warranty!!We have to take that cats to a kennel,and go stay with family for 3 days after she does it because of all the chemicals....but I honestly feel it will be well worth it!!I'm so EXCITED!!!Yay:):)

In other exciting news, I am almost done with my classes!!2 more lessons,and 3 finals due by June 6th!!Then I am all done:)*at least until Sept/Oct.*

That's all I got right now!!You all better have an AWESOME day!


anniemcq said...

So glad Isaac is feeling better - those post vaccine fevers are so scary.

When we sold our condo we had both our tubs resurfaced, and they looked so pretty! I have no idea how they look now, but I'm betting it's pretty good. It made such a huge difference. You'll love it!