Saturday, April 19, 2008

Life Lessons

Today,something happened that I wasn't ready for.At least not yet.

Isaac&I went to Aarons' step-cousin' baby shower&we had probably been there for about 10 minutes,and Isaac was off to explore.

While he was exploring,he saw a boy& a girl...I'm guessing they were 3 or 4.....and they were playing with toy cars,which happen to be one of Isaacs' favorite kind of toys.When Isaac got closer to the kids,one of their cars bumped into his knees,so he picked it up.The little girl looked at Isaac&tore the car out of his hands,and then the proceeded to scoot there cars.....and their selves' away from Isaac.So Isaac...... with the most innocent looks on his face,sat there and watched them .I decided to walk over there and ask the little boy if he didn't want to play with him,and he looked at me like he was completley annoyed,and said no.Then I look over and see their mom(I pretty sure she was their mom,because I seen her talking to them,when we got there)look at her kids...not say anything, then she just looked at me and turned away to do something.She didn't say anything to me,or her kids,or anything.I think I literally felt my heart hit the floor.I actually had to ask Betsys'(Aarons' step-cousin) mom to hang out with Isaac for a minute,so I could go outside.....because I just started crying.I couldn't stop myself.

I was thinking to dare these little heathens treat my boy this way!!!Better yet, how could this mother just stand there and not do anything?Not say something to me,not to her kids....I mean, shit!!I think I would have felt better if she even said to me"please don't let your kid play with my kids toys" But no.she just looks at me and her kids.I hope she didn't think I was going to step in there and tell them to get some manners.Because as far as I know, that isn't my job.

So after I went outside,and gained my composure.....I went back inside,got my boy....then we proceeded to have fun the rest of the time we were there.

All this dramz aside.......I do need to say that I am so excited for Betsy,and I think she is going to be a great mom.

So do you want to know what lesson I learned today?

I learned that my boy isn't going to grow up not knowing any manners.Trust this.